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You are not alone, you just need to open the door

Divine guidance is always available to you and to listen to it you must be open and trust. Complains, negative thoughts and feelings blocks the channel with the spiritual world. And it is not that you don't experience dificcult times or that you are always in a "lucky charm mode", but to acknowledge when you are feeling sad, or angry or discourage allows you to recognize the feelings but to stay open to divine #guidance, you keep the door open to receive comfort and help from #spirits.

We are always being guided, that’s why I am showing this image, because this had been a challenging week in every aspect of my life and last night I was feeling like “are things going to actually improve some day?!”, I wasn’t doubting but instead i felt discouraged.

I asked for guidance and before going to bed I felt a gut feeling, something inside of me was pushing me toward my oracle card deck, the thought of the cards was consistent repeating in my head, so I took the card deck and just asked: "what I should know?"

So the card that popped out was "All is well" from Archangel Jeremiel. Instantly I felt calmer, smiled and gave thanks for the kind and loving message regarding that moment and how I was feeling.

But they really wanted me to know that they are here supporting me and that, for real, all is well. I walked out of my room, to go to the kitchen, only that I didn't expect to find this:

Outside of my room, and below one of the dinner table chair, there was a beautiful feather. I felt like someone gave me a really big warm hug and my soul was filled with gratitude and joy. I am not alone. You are not alone. We are not here by chance, you have a spiritual team outside of time and space helping you, supporting you, and loving you. Rely in God and in His loving realm, and you will find all the help, love, joy and comfort you need.

If you need a sign, just ask for it. And pray to God asking Him to strengthen your faith.

You can say: "Father, let me see your love manifesting in my life now, I want to see it and I trust in you" and let your faith be bigger than your fears.

Just open your heart, mind and soul to divine love.

Light and Love,





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