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Winning is the manifestation of my soul purpose

Through our experiences our thoughts create patterns within our subconscious mind that determines the quality of our reality. Even if we have #positive thoughts at a conscious level, if our subconscious patterns are negative we won’t be able to #manifest exactly what we want, because within us still exist a part that it’s sabotaging our dreams and desires.

The winning purpose of my soul vibrates through my thoughts each and every day.

We are a manifestation force, within ourselves it is the #God Mind who guides us, giving insights to us of what to do next so we can move forward to a fulfilling joyful loving #life. The thing is that we need to #trust in that guidance, in the kindness of God and the fact that He always wants the best for us.

We have to trust that we are winners!

That we have all that it takes to fulfill our life #purpose, to have a loving #relationship, to have a family, to co-create the life that we want. It is detaching from all of your past experiences that reminds you of pain, failure, betrayal, abandonment, sadness, and to tap in a new #beginning, a fresh start with a change of consciousness: now you have your power back, you know who you are and you trust in God, in yourself and in humanity.

I have been there, craving for the life that I #dream of but sabotaging myself with the hideous phrase of “to good to be true” and going through life expecting everything to fall apart. Until you realize you are missing the life you already have and that life happens to be pretty close to the life you want but subconsciously you keep telling to yourself that you don’t deserve it so you push it away.

Your insecurities separate you from shinning your light, being your true self and having a happy, healthy and joyful romantic relationship. Nothing survives to constant doubt. When you vibrate fear and insecurity you are blocking the flow of blessings coming into your life.

You must make a readjustment on your #believe system, because we see the world from our own perspective, and that perspective it’s created by your believes. If you believe that your past experiences define who are now, you have a limiting believe that is holding you back from opening yourself to a brand-new start, where you can create a different reality. And that’s the wonderful thing about life and being a #spiritual being in a human experience: that you can recreate your life any time you want.

Erroneously, we have come to think that our past it’s going to repeat over and over again, and the feelings of failure and fear overcome us. But you just need a change in your consciousness to transform your present and future life.

You were born to #win, to shine your #light bright, to succeed, and give others the precious gift of being your true self. God wants you to win, God wants you to reach your highest goals and visions, God wants you to be all that you can be. And you are #divine! You are light and love darling!

Honor your #soul spreading your wings and going to your full potential, you are worth it and you deserve joy, #love and happiness in your time as an earthly being.

Here are some #affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind patterns:

"I entrust my life and circumstances to the Power of the God‐Mind within me, and I accept that all is made well already."

“My conscious mind sends love to the Higher Mind within me.”

"The Healing Power of the God‐Mind within me has already forgiven me for times I have erred, just as I would forgive a child".

"Through the Universal Magnetism of my God‐Mind, I am already one with the perfect person and/or persons for me."

"Through the Infinite Source of Supply within me, I am one, now and always, with financial abundance."

"The Infinite within me is Eternal Peace, and I am One with that peace – now."

“I am One Mind with the Mind of God within me.”

"Every day, in every way, I am guided by my Higher God‐Mind."

The God‐Power within me is greater than any obstacle before me."

"Failure is a thing of the past, while winning is the reality of the present and future, and by God’s Presence in my mind, it is so."

“I contain the Universal Perfection to be a winner.”

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