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Let God shows you the truth

Most of the time we establish a distance between ourselves and the spiritual realm because we believe that we know what is best for us and we fear that #God does not coincide with what we have planned.

However, when you sit down to do a retrospective of your life, you probably realize that those things that you forced or manipulated so that they happened as you wanted in the end did not turn out as well as you thought, and there is usually a feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction for having swim so much against the current to achieve what you wanted so much but deep down you knew it was not the way.

Silencing our intuition is something we usually do when we do not want to hear the truth, when we are convinced that we know where we are going and we prefer to fight, sacrifice, stress, chaos, we use our own strength until a situation arises. It shakes us and reminds us that life is much simpler than it seems, that it is not our enemy, that we can live in harmony, #happy, and reach where we want without the need to leave the soul on the road.

Life softens when we accept divine help, when we allow God to show us the truth, whatever it may be, because our conscience is one with God, therefore our desires are one with God. There is nothing to fear the moment you understand that we do not know everything, from our limited consciousness we cannot see the whole picture, however we have a spiritual team, willing to #guide us and help us in whatever is necessary. Just ask for the help and trust that they can see the whole picture, and if it does not happen exactly as you were expecting it is simply that it was not for your good, and that you can verify if you compare the times you have forced a situation to come out as you want, evaluate the results, how do you feel afterwards, was it worth it?

If you have tried to listen to your intuition, give God the situation and trust in his good will, in the end, you have not obtained what you wanted? Without so much effort, stress and chaos. Maybe not exactly how you painted yourself in the head that it should be, but ... who said "it must be like that", it's just been an expectation of yours, an illusion that you can control the how and when.

Do not be afraid because the love of God is immeasurable, and the truth that God shows you is not painful, it is liberating. Allow God to show you the truth, give yourself the opportunity to sow the seed (prayer for the situation), water the earth (do your part) and sit down to enjoy the spectacle of seeing it germinate and flourish (trust in time and divine order). It will not germinate and flourish by force, or your time, or as you wish. On the contrary, he will do it naturally at his own pace because everything has its time and its form. And if we have the divine help to flourish naturally, and live a fuller, happier, and tranquil life; It is worthwhile to continue choosing the difficult path.

Easy does it! And God always has the answers to our wishes, as long as we choose to see the truth.

Love and Light,





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