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5 ways to overcome anxiety

In our world we live constantly bombarded by information and technology, competition and expectations, so no wonder why anxiety it's the greatest saboteur of your happiness. Currently 1 in 4 people suffer from some type of anxiety disorder, affecting more women, and is more common than depression.

Anxiety is usually accompanied by a feeling of shame or frustration, since anxiety or panic attacks appear suddenly, you might feel something is wrong with you, because you cannot control these attacks that come out of nowhere, and it's like you lose control of your own head.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with you. The fact that you are a spiritual person, that meditates, prays, and leads a harmonious lifestyle is not an insurance against anxiety. Those of us who travel a path of spiritual life also have panic attacks and feel anxious.

Throughout my life, and after numerous anxiety attacks, I discovered five ways to calm anxiety. Although we have the ability to help ourselves, and we have divine help as well, if you feel anxiety or panic frequently and are affecting your health and quality of life, I recommend you to take therapies. You can subscribe to the "Exclusive Members" section where I can help you through spiritual consulting or approach another professional of your choice. The important thing is that you are very well!

Tip: Here's the 5 ways to calm down anxiety

1. Focus on your breathing: usually when anxiety starts the first thing you notice is that you are not breathing well and you start to feel that you lack air. You are breathing, I assure you, that is why it is important that you focus all your attention on inhaling slowly and releasing the air slowly, do it naturally, without despairing.

2. Distract your mind: During an anxiety attack or panic meditation is not the best solution, your mind and nervous system are going through a critical moment. I suggest you walk, wash your face, concentrate on an object for a few minutes, then concentrate on another object and look at the details, the color, so that you enter more pleasant information to your mind that breaks the thoughts of fear.

3. Pray: Either the Lord's Prayer or the Hail Mary, or you can look for a prayer that conveys peace and calm. If I can recommend one, it would be:

In any case, after doing the prayer, ask God and the Virgin Mary to protect you and remove all anxiety from your body, soul, mind and heart. You will see how you feel that peace returns to you.

4. Use a crystal that channels and transforms the energy: you can use amethyst or pink quartz, I particularly recommend yellow fluorite.

5. Thanks for all the wonderful things in your life, and repeat: "it's over." This will help you release the episode of anxiety with grace instead of sticking to feelings of guilt or shame.

More than 28% of the world's population experience anxiety disorders, which is a product of chemical imbalances in our brains that occur naturally due to various stimuli.

You are light, you are enough and remember that your faith is stronger than your fear.

Love and light,

Laura G



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