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God is preparing you for this

Three years ago I had to start my life from scratch, with a #divorce , a newborn and the company where I worked for several years decided to dispense of my services. Everything I had built collapsed but instead of collecting the rubble I decided to rebuild my life from scratch. Between frustration, disappointment and pain I could glimpse an opportunity to be reborn from #loveand connection with my true self.

Little by little I discovered who I really am, and I decided to forgive, make peace with the past and look to the future with love, #joy and with the certainty that #god is never wrong. Three years ago I experienced the end of a cycle, and I began my #spiritual journey that today brings me here to understand what you are going through and to keep that sacred space to #help you heal, to connect with you, with love and the joy of living every day the #life you want.

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