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Forgiveness begin when you show your true colors

We must understand that this life is not black and white, to be happy we have to acknowledge and accept the different colors this earthly experience brings to you. And to accept those colors you must recognize yourself first, understanding that you are not the colors society told you to be or the colors other people told you to be.

It is in the acceptance of who you truly are, with lights and shadows, that you would be able to put a stop to judgment against yourself and others and actually be able to appreciate how much beauty is in diversity.

When you are able to accept that everyone is going through their own process, that the actions that your partner or someone you appreciate takes are not personal, they are not against you, but are part of their process of growth and spiritual evolution. Do not take anything personal, because the only thing that affects you is what you allow to hurt you. You are the only person who decides what can affect you or not. It's just a matter of recognizing that whoever feels hurt is not you, it's your ego. That ego understands that others must do, be and feel according to your own level of consciousness.

When you say to yourself: "I try but it's hard for me to forgive", analyze what part of your ego is hurt. Think about what it is that does not allow you to forgive from the heart. Because it turns out that that is exactly what you have to heal within yourself, that neither allows you to forgive yourself, nor does it allow you to show yourself as you are and accept others as they are.

Forgiveness gives you peace, connects you with love, helps you cleanse your interior of people and situations that are no longer useful for your growth. Forgiving yourself first for the times you have judged yourself, for not seeing yourself as you really are and appreciating all those wonderful qualities that you have that make you unique, it is what will allow you to create space for what you truly want in your life.

That forgiveness towards yourself creates a channel of compassion for others and for what surrounds you. Let's embrace diversity, learn to love ourselves as we are, thus, different, unique. If we all mold ourselves to the preconceptions imposed on us by society, religion, our environment, we would all be hypocritically the same. Because our essence remains, it is always there, and true happiness begins when we live with love, understanding and acceptance our essence and that of humanity. God created us all different because He gave us each, a different purpose in this life. Let’s celebrate the gift of being ourselves!

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