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Laura G

As a Medium, Clairvoyant and Spiritist, I channel messages and details from your loved ones and I also connect with spirits to help you and guide you regarding your life, health, relationships, and finances. 

As a Spiritual Counselor I am here to be by your side, guiding you and giving you the support you need to overcome from grief to anxiety, to help you create prosperity and abundance, to clean blockages, patterns, and help you with relationships, life purpose, psychic and mediumship abilities.

heal and remove energy blockages, and give you remedies and tools to help you prosper in every aspect of your life.


 I am looking forward to help you!

What to expect on your reading?
Every reading is different, from thousands of readings I can describe each one of them as unique. The messages I receive are from a place of love, and the purpose is to give you peace, comfort, hope, and guidance about your life. 
Based on if you want to communicate with loved ones or to ask questions and receive guidance about your life I will conduct the reading and tell you everything that I see, hear or feel from your loved ones or from spirits I work with as Archangel Michael. 
It is like having a conversation you will never forget, one that will give you the confirmation, the peace, the certainty and the guidance you are looking for.
What is a mediumship reading?

A medium is a channeler. Energetically we can tune into the energy from spirits and receive messages from them. A mediumship reading allows the Medium to connect with the spirits of your loved ones that passed away to bring you messages of comfort, confirmation, guidance and answers about them and also about your life in general. The spirits that comes present in the moment of the reading will give personal information to let you know there are here with you during the reading. More than one spirit could be present in the reading, and I channel the messages they give through my vision, feelings, and hearing.  

What is a spiritual reading?

During a spiritual reading I channel spirits of light as Archangel Michael and Saint Ana to give you guidance, support and solutions to specific situations or questions you have regarding any areas of your life. The mediumship reading focus more on the messages your loved ones have for you, and the spiritual readings are focus on yourself, your path and what is coming for you in every area of your life.

***1 Hour reading through Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp. 
After payment you will receive an email to set the date and time of your reading.

As a Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology and Certified Spiritual Counselor, I help you in a daily basis to overcome any situation you are presented with in a holistic way.

From your inner self to what you are projecting in your real life, also regarding relationship issues, financial problems, grief, prosperity and health, I am here to help. 

  • Personal Follow Up

  • 60 minutes calls

  • Video Call, Phone Call, Emailing or Texting (what feels comfortable for you).

  • I send you weekly information and tools to help you along the process.

  • I do spiritual work for you to clean yourself from blockages and negative energy.

  • I do spiritual work to help you with prosperity, business, love, career, relationships and health. 

For further information about availability and prices please send an email to: contact@lauragmedium.com



You have at your disposal the divine kingdom to help you on your journey through this earthly world. And regardless of the time or the magnitude of your need, the spiritual side is always waiting for you to ask for their help and trust that they will always answer in ways even better than you have ever dreamed.

You Are Not Alone is a heartfelt and earnest reminder that you have the unconditional love of God, the Blessed Mother, Archangel Michael and an army of angels guiding your steps every day, illuminating the path destined for you, and assisting your calls. Author Laura G opens a window into her own spiritual life and invites you to see how this divine presence is there for you always. She also shares the profound experiences of people like you, proving the existence of miracles in everyday life.

You are not alone, because the spiritual kingdom is closer than you imagine. If you want miracles happening in your life, you just have to ask to receive them, because with God, all things are possible.

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