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From the moment I met Laura, I knew it was Divine guidance and intervention at play. She is an earth angel and has been given a heavenly gift to share with others and you can see this in all of her sessions. 

Laura has been an incredible source of guidance and support for me as she communicates with heavenly beings of light and love - and she brings messages from our spirit guides who want to see us succeed on our journey.

Laura has also been in contact with my father, who passed away last year, she gave a clear and concise description of my father and gave me messages from him that only he could have known and phrases that my father used before crossing over. 


Simone Alison, Entrepreneur


Meet Laura

Medium + Healer + Author

For years I have served as an instrument of the divine to help people in different situations throughout their lives.
Since my childhood I have experience the presence of spirits, being able to see them, hear them, feel them and communicate with them. 
As I grew older, I realized that I was able to see things before they happened, and to see and know things about other people regarding any area of their life.
If you think you are fighting alone, that you go on and on without seeing results, if you feel in an abyss, you have problems in your relationships, finances or health, I offer you a helping hand to guide you through and solve these situations with joy and the inner peace that characterizes those of us who are certain that divinity is always on our side and that we are not alone. 
With Love,

Mediumship Readings

During readings you will be able to receive information, answers and guidance regarding any area of your life from past, present and the energy available in that moment for future events. Also, I can channel the energy from love ones that passed so you can receive their messages and confirmation. During sessions the angels can also preform energy cleanse. 

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Thank you Laura! you can't imagine how life has changed for me! It has been one miracle after the other in just two months! I have a wonderful job, I am meeting new and exciting people every day and my life is amazing!!  


Thank you for caring about me!

- Heidy Krakoski

When I met Laura I was suffering from cancer for several years. During the reading she told me I was going to heal, that spirits showed her my tumor becoming smaller and disappearing. I received energy healing from the spirits during the session and less than a year after my tumor disappeared.

- Alan W.

I saw Laura in an event at Books & Books Coral Gable, and I felt so grateful to be there and to hear all the comforting and uplifting messages the spirits shared. That day changed my life. 

- Carol Lee

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"You Are Not Alone" A Medium Spiritual Journey @ Books & Books Florida
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April 11th - Coconut Grove @ 6:30pm
April 12th - Gal Harbour @ 1:00pm
April 13th - Coral Gables @ 5:00pm
Transformación Radical @ Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
"You Are Not Alone Workshop" @ The Sacred Space Miami / February 5th 2019

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